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Ask me about web and application analytics, digital marketing, Adobe Sitecatalyst, Discover, Test&Target, Survey, tag management, tagging, tracking, re-targeting, A/B testing, Tealium, Doubleclick, Adwords, Adsense, Google Analytics, Piwik, Woopra, Clicktracker (my own zero-config data collector for websites), CMS, data architecture, big data, web development, LAMP, online publishing, SEO, guerilla marketing, independent movie making, video promotion, streaming video, agile requirement management, masterdata, privacy legislation, linking print advertising with online, Amazon cloud services, budget hosting, social analytics, metadata, single sign-on, video production, digital photography, music production, DAW, drums, sailing, Sumo Logic, Splunk or even book recommendations and see how wonderous responses I come up with.

Or ask me DVD copies of Rockstarba and Jazzstarba movies instead. Don't ask me when the trilogy will be complete.

arctic ocean adventure

I was part of the crew sailing from Murmansk to Tromso in early September 2013, above video has some quick visual notes about the journey.

some past projects

  • Polar Experience, crew member for last leg of sailing adventure : Murmansk to Tromsø (2013)
  • Last part of movie trilogy Rockstarba (someday, perhaps...)
  • Reservactive, all-purpose sales platform for all sort of bookings
  • OivaCMS, highly modularized and customizable CMS for various projects
  • DynaREQ, simplified drag&drop style requirement management tool for agile teams etc.
  • Simple drag&drop PHP gallery
  • Twitter/Reddit hybrid for real time bookmarking and discussion over web
  • Few new web sites in pipeline
  • Data visualizations
  • One-size-fits-all data collector

Demos to follow.


Few pictures from trip to Florida & Karibean :

St. Petersburg + Norwegian Fjords pictures waiting for processing.