Some of the projects I've worked with, way or another: online magazine in Finnish. Main hobby for 10 years or so, anything from editorial duties to developing and maintaining the publishing system and stuff. Publication focusing mainly on marginal culture, progressive rock, underground movies, gig and record reviews etc. Seasoned with cynicism and bad taste. - Underground Rockument Decided with friends to start making independent movie (everyone having zero experience), naturally it turned as project of filming full trilogy., a site for social bookmarking, hybrid of chat, bookmarking and newsfeed with twist of location awareness combined Minimal brand site for short movie which started as side-product from Rockstarba movie. CMS + CSS express delivery CMS + CSS + some maintenance tasks

Anssi Ennevaara Personal site for municipal elections 2012

Ilari Kotimäki Personal blog and articles Simple brand site for company serving dancing lessons etc.

Kotkan Nahkatukku Simplified B2B site to host mainly product information. Blog + info site hosted and made for senator Kauko Tuupainen. CMS + Design, being currently re-newed Site+hosting for well-known Finnish progressive rock band.

Reno Bags Old brand site for Reno bags.

Duo Ohtanappi Basic info site for coverband performing Trio Niskalaukas compositions. Hosting only (made some earlier version of the site in past).

Kotkan Pursiseura Site renewal (forever ongoing)

Heartbeat Band, mainly hosting

For "sale" : CMS + Leiska Was never taken into use by "customer"

Gone and Forgotten sites and stuff (not live anymore or otherwise inaccessible for public):

Edit-Studio Website design for recording studio which operated in Helsinki, Finland. Band site, I think band just slowly passed away...?

Bike & Outdoor Design and site setup for sports and outdoor equipment store located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Screenshot refers to version "maintained" by customer (couldn't find the original version as reference).

Gruppe Heinz Promo site for band playing Finnish rock+pop. Intranet type information channel (wiki + google services integration)

Global Discourse Made info site + mailing list setup for the association.

Bahai Finland Involved in CMS evaluation + selection, hosted some initial version of the site.

Nokia/NSN Music Club (hobby club), training room reservation system

Carpooling for JKL employees, system for organizing carpooling for remote workers travelling from Jyväskylä to Tampere office

Korpikirjasto, web site for Korpikirjasto located in Pihlajavesi (WIP)

Moottoriparkki, web site and e-commerce engine for Moottoriparkki garage and storage services (WIP)